Saturday, August 21, 2004

NDAWNIS - songs for isaiah

Someone was beckoning me into the garden, I could hear my name being called. I walked through the house and out onto the deck overlooking the garden and my fruit trees. At a loss as to who was beckoning me I walked down and sat by the apple trees. I could not identify the fear I felt, so I began to hum songs about the sun and the clouds and the tiny hummingbird who sat still and sang for me. I never do things like that, but I felt someone’s presence with me. I did not know who it was, but they were reaching from somewhere far away. I sat there for a long time, reassuring myself that we were safe in a beautiful universe. The fear eased and I went inside wondering why I was humming songs I didn't know.

At the end of the week we got a phone call from from Zephyr and Arthur left to see his father. His father Isaiah had been in the hospital all week. Isaiah was afraid of the machines in the hospital but Zephyr had given the doctors permission to do whatever was necessary. When they had used the paddles on him he had only barely responded. By the end of the week he was almost gone, he could no longer speak and the family was called together.
He was writing notes. His last note was a request to take care of his dog and then he pointed to Arthur and wrote, “always take care of my girl.” And he was gone. When Arthur returned, he was untroubled with his father’s death and he laughed about the note. He thought it was funny that I should be mentioned with Isaiah’s beloved dog.


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